Editor in Chief- Profile

Mitchel P. Roth, Ph.D.
is Professor of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, USA. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1993. He specializes in transnational organized crime, terrorism, comparative policing/penology and historical issues in criminal justice. He is the author of 13 books, including Global Organized Crime (ABC-CLIO), Organized Crime (Pearson), and Crime and Punishment: A History of the Criminal Justice System (Cengage). He has published numerous book chapters and scholarly articles which have appeared in such journals as Asian Journal of Criminology, Trends in Organized Crime, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, Policing, and Journal of Criminal Justice Education. He was on the faculty of the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) at Roswell, New Mexico from 2001-2009, and has studied/lectured on organized crime, terrorism, and other criminal justice issues in Turkey, Israel, Sicily, Cuba, and China.



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