Jennifer Hankel - Profile

Jenni Hankel graduated with an MA in International Human Rights from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver. As a student, she served as the Associate Director of Research for the Human Trafficking Center where she co-designed a federally funded, global Human Trafficking Index and built research training curricula. Beginning in 2013, Jenni collaborated for five years with the University of Wyoming and a Western nonprofit to collect, analyze, and publish research on the experiences of street-involved women who have histories of trading sex. Research topics included the women’s exposure to trauma, their work histories and aspirations, their experiences and understanding of their past pregnancies while simultaneously using substances and remaining street-involved, and an analysis of transitional housing services available for women exiting sex work within the United States.

Currently, Jenni serves as the Program Evaluation and Development Team Supervisor for Denver Human Services’ Child Welfare division. Since 2017, she has also contracted with the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault as a research assistant for the Colorado Forensic Compliance Evaluation Project which is funded through the Office of Violence Against Women, Department of Justice.

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