Jessica L. Burke - Profile

I graduated with a Ph.D. in sociology from Kent State University in 2013.  I joined the sociology department at Francis Marion University in August of 2013 as a tenure-track assistant professor and earned tenure and promotion one year early in July of 2018.  I teach several courses in both traditional and online preparations, including, but not limited to Principles of Sociology, Marriage and Family, Sex and Gender, Health and Illness, Mental Health and Illness, Society and the Individual, Family Violence, and Survey Methodology.

My primary research focus is intimate partner violence and other forms of family violence.  However, I am also interested in researching other forms of violence, such as hate crimes committed against interracial couples.  My other research areas include issues pertaining to interracial marriage and partnerships, and more recently immigration policy and outcomes.  I have presented 23 papers at state, regional, and national conferences since 2013.  I have publications in the following journals:  Social Sciences; Deviant Behavior; Race, Gender & Class; and Journal of Justice Studies.

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