Rashid Yahiaoui - Profile

Napinder Kaur

Rashid Yahiaoui, PhD.
Assistant Professor
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Hamad Bin Khalifa University
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Rashid Yahiaoui is a dedicated academic and professional, serving as an Assistant Professor of Audiovisual Translation and Translation Studies at Hamad bin Khalifa University's College of Humanities and Social Sciences in Qatar.

Educated at the London Metropolitan University, Rashid earned his Ph.D. in Translation and Intercultural Studies and holds a Master's in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Salford, UK.

Beyond academia, Rashid brings a wealth of practical experience. He has lectured on various topics, including translation, interpreting, English as a Foreign Language (EFL), and academic writing. Additionally, he has provided his interpreting expertise to prominent institutions, including the UK's Home Office and National Health Service, for over a decade.

On the research front, Rashid has a diverse range of interests. He is deeply engaged in studies on Audiovisual Translation, Ideology, Critical Discourse Analysis within Media Texts, and Political Discourse Analysis. Recent additions to his research portfolio include a keen interest in Humour Studies and the intricate nuances of Arabic Diglossia. This diverse range ensures that he remains at the forefront of translation and linguistic studies.


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