Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences

Influence of the Preparation "Nicavet-1000" on a Morphofunctional Condition of some Organs of Rats at Experimental Aluminium Intoxication
Pages 183-192
David A. Areshidze, Lyudmila D. Timchenko, Igor V. Rzhepakovsky, Maria A. Kozlova, Iaroslavna A. Kusnetsova and Ivan A. Syomin
Published: 06 November 2017

Abstract: During the conducted research, it is established that aluminium chloride intoxication leads to the considerable changes of composition of red blood, development of a hypercalcemia and change of a bone structure of animals. A number of significant morphofunctional changes in the hippocampus of the examined animals are also noted. The use of the tissue preparation "Nicavet-1000" leads to the normalization of both hematocrit and other parameters of red blood, as well as to the intensification of erythropoiesis. Use of the preparation "Nicavet-1000", judging from the results of research, prevents pathological changes in a bone tissue, caused by aluminium chloride. "Nicavet-1000" leads to the expressed normalization of both the morphological, and micromorphometric parameters characterizing a hippocampus of rats.

Keywords: Aluminium, intoxication, hippocampus, bone tissue, tissue preparation.

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