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Volume 1 Number 2, December 2017

* This issue includes papers published withOpen Access


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Syed Rehan Hasan

An Examination of Crisis Response in Professional Athlete Scandals: A Sport Fan’s Perspective - Pages 64-71

Geumchan Hwang

Open_Access.jpgVoices in the Storm: The Lost Discourse of Climate Change in Hurricanes Harvey and Irma - Pages 72-78

B.F. Battistoli, Theresa King and Elizabeth White

Truth, Al Jazeera, and Crisis Journalism - Pages 79-91

Clifford G. Christians

Islamophobia and Muslim Comedians in America - Pages 92-104
Wajid Zulqarnain, Taimur-ul-Hassan and Farzana Kausar




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B.F. BattistoliB.F. Battistoli
(Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA)

Managing Editor:

Rehan Hasan Rehan Hasan
(Riphah Institute of Media Sciences)

Editorial Board Members:

Gilbert-Ahamer Gilbert Ahamer
(Graz University, Austria)

Munzoul A. M. AssalMunzoul A. M. Assal
(University of Khartoum, Sudan)

Hassan Bin Abu BakarHassan Abu Bakar
(University Utara, Malaysia)

Rani-Ann-Balaraman Rani Ann Balaraman
(University Sains, Malaysia)

ChepurnayaAlena Chepurnaya
(Stavropol State Agrarian University, Russia)

Clifford-G-ChristiansClifford G. Christians
(University of Illinois, USA)

Jaewon ChoiJaewon Choi
(Soon Chun Hyang University, South Korea)

Deborah GabrielDeborah Gabriel
(Bournemouth University, UK)

Basyouni-Ibrahim-HamadaBasyouni Ibrahim Abdelhalim Hamada
(Qatar University, Qatar)

Geumchan Hwang
(Western Michigan University, USA)

Victor-Rodriguez-InfiestaVictor Rodriguez Infiesta
(University of Oviedo, Spain)

Myer Rick ARick A. Myer
(University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX, USA)

Mohammed NuruzzamanMohammed Nuruzzaman
(Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait)

Grigoris PaschalidisGrigoris Paschalidis
(Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)

Cornelius PrattCornelius B. Pratt
(Temple University, Philadelphia, USA)

Zheltukhina-Marina-RostislavovnaZheltukhina Marina Rostislavovna
(Volgograd State Social-Pedagogical University, Russia)

VictorVictor Odundo Owuor
(One Earth Future Foundation, USA)

Ihab SawalhaIhab H. Sawalha
(American University of Madaba, Jordan)

dummy.pngRalf Spiller
(Macromedia University, Cologne, Germany)

Tina TomazicTina Tomažič
(University of Maribor, Slovenia)

Shari-R-VeilShari R. Veil
(University of Kentucky, USA)

Elisabete Vieira Yuan Wang
(The University of Alabama, U.S.A)

Wu-Shang-suShang-su Wu
(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

LUO YongzhouLuo Yongzhou
(Shanghai University of Sport, China)

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Table of Contents







Strategies and Means of Presenting a Crisis Event in Modern Media
Alena Chepurnaya

The False Equivalency Trap: Journalism and the Conflict Frame
B.F. Battistoli

The Influence of Culture on Crisis Communications
Ihab Hanna S. Sawalha

How Crisis Journalists Can Magnify The Voices of Poor, Marginalized Communities of Color
Cassandra D. Chaney