Dr. Ety Elish, PhD in Criminology, senior lecturer in the Department of Criminology at the Max Stern Yezreel Valley College, Israel. In addition, I serve as a public representative on Parole Boards (appointment of the Ministry of Justice in Israel) and as an official auditor of the IPS (Israel Prison Service).
Most of my research focuses on the processes of changing and rehabilitating prisoners and criminals, primarily from a positive criminology perspective. Recently I have been researching, together with colleagues, criminal and ethical aspects in the field of public health.

Donato Castronuovo is Full Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Ferrara (Italy). Formerly, he has been PhD candidate and carried out research and teaching for three decades at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy). His preferred areas of research include the general theory of negligent crimes; rule of law and general clauses; constitutional principles and criminal law; complementary and corporate criminal law, with particular reference to workplace, environmental, food and product safety; medical professional responsibility; criminal liability of collective entities and corporations. He fluently speaks French and German and has conducted several research periods in many European institution, primarily at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin and at the Max-Planck-Institut für Strafrecht in Freiburg i.Br. (Germany). He has been visiting professor at several European universities, including Strasbourg, Paris X, Université de Corse, Université de Franche-Comté Besançon.

He has taken part to numerous research project at both national and European level and is member of the editorial board of several criminal law scientific reviews and book series; moreover, since 2016 he is member of the Board of Professors of the Doctorate in “EU law and national systems” at the University of Ferrara, where since November 2018 he is also Deputy Director of MacroCrimes - Center for European Legal Studies on Macro-Crime, funded by the Department of Excellence programme.

Associate professor Elspeth McInnes is a sociologist with Education Futures Unit of the University of South Australia where she researches family violence, child abuse and education responses supporting child and family wellbeing. Elspeth has recently published books on children’s harmful sexual behaviours, trauma and meaning making, and trauma and conflict. Elspeth’s teaching focus is on developing educator trauma informed pedagogy.

Danijela V. Spasić graduated from the College of the Ministry of Interior and Faculty of Security Studies. She received her PhD with a thesis titled The Community Policing and Domestic Violence. She teaches Police and Society, Human Security and Criminology as an Associate Professor at the University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies, Belgrade.

Her research fields include community policing, gender based violence, criminology, women’s human rights, and the status of women in the policing and security sectors. She is a member of The Victimology Society of Serbia and The American Society of Criminology - Division of Policing.

Diana Janušauskienė, PhD, is currently a principal researcher and head of the doctoral school at the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences. In 2020, she was elected president of the Lithuanian Sociological Association. Dr. Janušauskienė holds BA (1994) in Sociology from the Vilnius University, MA (1996) in Society and Politics from the Central European University / Lancaster University and PhD (2002) in Sociology from the Institute of Sociology and Philosophy of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Her main research interests cover human security, democratization, national minorities, and discrimination. She has over 30 publications in English, Lithuanian, and Polish. Her most recent research has focused on the social implications of the COVID-19.