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Study of the Prevalence and the Incidence of the Prostate Cancer in the North-Cameroon: Means and Costs of Management - Pages 41-48

Herve Kada Pabame, Armel Herve Nwabo Kamdje, Richard Tagne Simo and Franklin Danki Sillong


Published: 16 May2018

Abstract: Introduction: The high mortality rate of prostate cancer in Cameroon, its high incidence, its prevalence, the lack of epidemiological data for the north which for the case is the poorest area of the country led us to conduct this study with for the purpose of presenting the epidemiological, clinical and para-clinical aspects, the cost and means of management with a view to setting up adequate management policies.

Patients and Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional analytical study in the city of Ngaoundéré for a period of 5 months. The data were obtained after a survey of patients and collection of results from the pathology registry of the Islamic clinic of Adamawa three months before the start of our study.

Results: The prevalence and incidence of prostate cancer were 28.7% and 24.32%, respectively. The average age of prostate cancer patients was 66.5 years. Gleason scores were less than 6 in 44.44% of cases. Risk factors related to familial cancer cases were difficult to determine. The symptoms were dominated in patients by urinary retention associated with polyuria, dysuria and pollakiuria. The means and costs of care were scalable depending on the difficulty of achieving the technique.

Conclusion: Prostate cancer remains a real health problem in the north because of its incidence and high prevalence and requires the implementation of a government policy of care.

Keywords: Cancer, prostate, Cameroon, epidemiology.

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