Journal of Applied Solution Chemistry and Modeling

Solubility Prediction of Paracetamol in N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone + Ethanol + Water Mixtures at 25 °C
Pages 164-168
Farahnaz Ahmadi, Komail Sadrjavadi, Ghobad Mohammadi, Amir Separham, Mohammad Barzegar-Jalali, Maryam Khoubnasabjafari and Abolghasem Jouyban


Published: 18 September 2014


Abstract: The solubility of paracetamol in N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) + ethanol and NMP + ethanol + water solvent mixtures at 25 °C was determined using the shake flask method. The generated data extended the solubility database of pharmaceuticals and also was used to assess the solubility prediction capability of the Jouyban-Acree model in NMP + ethanol + water mixtures. The accuracy of the predicted solubilities was evaluated by the mean percentage deviation (MPD) between the predicted and experimental solubilities. The MPD of the Jouyban-Acree model for predicting the solubility of paracetamol in NMP + ethanol + water mixtures at 25 °C was 14.6 %.

Keywords: Paracetamol, binary solvents, ternary solvents, solubility prediction, pharmaceutical cosolvents.
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