Brahim EL IBRAHIMI - Profile

Dr. Brahim El ibrahimi is a professor of physical chemistry at Faculty of Applied Sciences, IBN ZOHR University, Morocco. His scientific activity mainly focusses on the metallic protection against corrosion using inhibitor compounds including biopolymers, as well as the application of diver’s computational tools to investigate the inhibiting process at electronic and atomic scales. Furthermore, he has carried out a series of investigations in various areas related to physical chemistry field, namely electro-degradation of organic pollutants, wastewater treatments and anti-scaling. He is author and co-author of over 50 scientific papers including review and full research papers and four book chapters as well. He has participated by more than 50 presentations in international and national conferences. He is acted as a lead Guest Editor of several Special Issues dealing with corrosion protection. He is also an active Reviewer for many international journals and was served as an expert for a research project in corrosion inhibiting topic.

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