Journal of Research Updates in Polymer Science

Soy Protein Isolate/Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Films with IPN Structure by Crosslinkage of Ferulic Acid
Pages 114-117
Jun-Feng Su, Ying-Yuan Wang, Shan Han and Xiao-Long Zhang


Published: 08 November 2016

Abstract: Blend films from nature soy protein isolates (SPI) and synthetical poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) were successfully fabricated by crosslinkage of ferulic acid (FA) based on a solution-casting method. Structure analysis results indicated that FA had chemical reactions with both SPI and PVA, a three-dimensional interpenetrated polymer networks (IPN) had formed between SPI and PVA. The miscibility of SPI/PVA blends had improved by crosslinkage of FA. Moreover, the transparency of films had enhanced with the increasing of FA contents, which proved the INP structure of SPI/PVA blends could be adjusted by cross-linking degree. This method supplies a highlight potential usage of SPI as environmental-friendly packaging films.

Keywords: Biomaterials, polymers, soy protein isolate, poly (vinyl alcohol), ferulic acid, interpenetrating polymer network.
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