Co-Editor in Chief- Profile-

Yasunori Taga

Director and Professor of Thin Film Research Centre, Chubu University, Kasugai, Japan

Dr. Taga graduated from Nagoya Institute of Technology and joined Toyota Central Research and Development Laboratory in 1970. After taking a PhD degree in Materials Science from Osaka University, he promoted as a director of TCRDL in 1996 and was appointed as an adjunct professor of Tohoku University in Japan and the University of Toronto in Canada from 2000 to 2010. After the retirement of the director, he became an advisor of TCRDL for 2 years and moved to Chubu University as a director and professor of Thin Film Research Centre.

The specialized research field of Prof. Taga is the design of thin films and interface for application in industry. Professor Taga recently invented an epoch-making method of joining of different material at low temperature by gas adsorption without using chemical adhesive, which is now in the process of industrial application. Furthermore, he just developed new multifunctional thin film materials of CeO2-PTFE hybrid system with high ultraviolet light shielding of more than 80% at 380 nm and the ultra-hard surface of 16000N/mm2 ( 3 times higher than that of inorganic glass). As a result, he is currently strongly interested in the design of multifunctional thin films and interfaces with a special interest in industrial applications.

His R & D activity is complemented by over 380 original papers including 2 papers in Science and review articles in International Journals & Conference, and over 12,000 citations by other researchers. Furthermore, he obtained 145 International Patents. Besides, he awarded the International R & D Prize, ASTM Prize, Global 100 Echo-Tech Prize, Fine ceramics Prize, etc.




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