Journal of Membrane and Separation Technology

Dehydration of Organic Solutions by a Recirculated Air Sweep Pervaporation Process Using Anion-Exchange Hollow Fibers
Pages 62-68
Emanuel Korngold, Elisheva Zisner and Tony (Tuvia) Bejerano


Published: 25 July 2016


Abstract: An air sweep pervaporation process with thin anion-exchange hollow fibers was investigated for various water-organic solvent mixtures at different operating conditions. It was found that flux and separation factor increased with a decrease of the dielectric constant of the organic solvent. When the temperature of the process was increased, the flux increased. At feed temperatures of 65–70°C it was possible to reduce the water concentration in a 3–10% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution to 0.5%. The energy requirement for decreasing the water concentration in IPA from 3–10% to 0.5% was 100–225 kWh ton-1.

Keywords: Solvent dehydration, pervaporation, anion exchange hollow fibers, dielectric constant.

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