Journal of Intellectual Disability - Diagnosis and Treatment

Psychosocial Foundations for Pedagogical Skills Formation of Future Specialists in the Special Educational Environment  - Pages 485-496

Roza Sh. Sydykova, Adalyat A. Yussupova, Galimzhan K. Berekeshev, Torgyn A. Smailova and Nauryz T. Kuldanov

Published: 14 September 2020


Abstract: Objective: The main goal of the work is to analyse future music teachers' pedagogical process and its impact on the creative potential of the individual.

Background: Pedagogical work has always been creative since its main purpose is to build, create a personality, develop, affirm the spiritual principle in a person. In addition, the activities of a teacher are carried out in constantly changing situations, requires consideration of all conditions. Therefore, the main task of a teacher is to transfer his creative potential with special educational needs.

Method: theoretical methods were used for research, which allowed us to determine the role of music in students' development.

Results: It was established that the formation of artistry in the process of teaching vocals is understood as a complex motivational-semantic education. It has been determined that the strength of the students' spiritual attraction to their mentor largely depends on the presence in his individual appearance of such a purely personal quality as an attraction, introduced by psychologists in scientific use for more in-depth ideas about the artistic and communicative possibilities of a person.

Conclusion: The results of the study made it possible to determine that an integrated approach to musical and pedagogical activity helps to solve pedagogical problems using musical art tools that combine a complex of special, psychological and pedagogical, general scientific, methodological knowledge, skills with the leading role of general pedagogical abilities.

Keywords: Creativity, aesthetic cycle, pedagogical process, artistically gifted personality.

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